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ICMA Quarterly Report

Welcome to the ICMA Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2014

The International Capital Market Association's  Assessment of Market Practice and Regulatory Policy April 2014

This Quarterly Report is produced by the Market Practice and Regulatory Policy team at ICMA.
It outlines developments in the main areas in which the Association is currently engaged namely: response to the financial crisis, sovereign bond markets, short-term markets, primary markets, secondary markets, asset management and market infrastructure.

April 2014

PDF version: issue no 33: ICMA Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2014

We welcome feedback and comment on the issues raised in the report; please e-mail regulatorypolicynews@icmagroup.org or alternatively, the ICMA contact whose e-mail address is given at the end of the relevant article.

Some of the topics in this quarterly report have been discussed on 11 April during the Quarterly Briefing Call for ICMA Members. (ICMA members only). A recording is available here for a short time.
Previous editions are available here.

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