Economic Importance of the Corporate Bond Markets
Published by ICMA on 8 April 2013

ICMA has prepared a paper for policy makers about why corporate bond markets are so important for economic growth, for investors, for companies, and for governments, around the world; and why it is therefore essential that laws and regulations that affect them avoid any unintended adverse consequences that could inhibit those markets.

A copy of the paper is available here.


Financial crisis guide
Published by IFLR in association with ICMA and SIFMA

The economic fallout has created an unprecedented raft of financial regulation across the globe. This is why IFLR decided to publish the Financial crisis guide for the first time. The hope is that this inaugural edition will also be the last edition.

This Financial crisis guide is published in association with ICMA (International Capital Market Association) and Sifma (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association). Both organisations have written perceptive and useful articles.

On page 6, David Hiscock, Senior Advisor for Regulatory Policy at ICMA, has a warning: regulatory reform still has a way to go before it is truly effective.

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Financial crisis guide

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Bond Markets 2009
Published by International Financial Services London

IFSL’s report Bond Markets 2009 notes that the total of $718bn in international bonds issued in the UK in 2008 constituted a rise of 42 per cent on 2007. IFSL also estimates that London accounted for around 70 per cent of secondary trading in international bonds. Globally, international bond issuance fell 19 per cent in 2008 to $2.4 trillion while amounts outstanding increased 5 per cent to $23.9 trillion.

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Bond Markets 2009

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