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This section of the web site contains press releases issued by ICMA. These documents are available as downloadable PDF files.

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18 November 2015
Post crisis regulation is driving radical change in the European repo market says new ICMA study
To view the study, click here.

16 November 2015
AFME and ICMA welcome G20 Infrastructure recommendations

12 November 2015
ICMA Announces Publication of 2015 Universal Resolution Stay Protocol with Securities Financing Transaction Annex

29 September 2015
Growth in the European repo market is stalled according to latest ICMA survey
To view the 29th ICMA European Repo Council European repo market survey, click here.

21 September 2015
ICMA-NAFMII Working Group issues report on practices and procedures in the Chinese and international primary debt capital markets
To view the report, click here.

2 September 2015
ICMA updates its recommendations and guidelines for issuing bonds

24 June 2015
AFME and ICMA release Guide to infrastructure financing in support of the Investment Plan for Europe

4 June 2015
ICMA members elect new board and new chairman

11 May 2015
ICMA publishes New York governing law model collective action, pari passu and creditor engagement clauses to facilitate future sovereign debt restructuring
For more information, click here.

27 March 2015
Revised 2015 Green Bond Principles update standard process for issuance in fast-growing green bond market

24 February 2015
ICMA publishes two studies which highlight the effect of regulation on capital market activity
To view the 28th ICMA European Repo Council European repo market survey, click here.
To view the ICMA Impact Study for CSDR Mandatory Buy-ins, click here.

12 February 2015
Is Japan’s revitalisation real and sustainable? Representatives from the finance industry and the capital markets in Europe and Japan discuss progress and the issues

11 February 2015
Trade bodies launch guide to best practice for EU corporate private placement market
To access the guide, click here.
5 December 2014
Pan-European Private Placement Working Group supports exemption from withholding tax on interest on private placements contained in HM Treasury’s Autumn Statement

25 November 2014
Liquidity in the European secondary bond market: perspectives from the market
ICMA publishes survey on current state and future evolution of the European corporate bond market

To view the report, click here.

3 November 2014
Eurepo index to be discontinued on 2 January 2015

15 October 2014
ICMA’s European Repo Council reports successful migration of the European bond markets to T+2
To view the report, click here.

4 September 2014
Latest ICMA survey shows continued robustness in size of the European repo market

29 August 2014
ICMA publishes revised collective action clauses (CACs) and a new standard pari passu clause to facilitate future sovereign debt restructuring
To view the revised CACs and the new standard pari passu clause, click here.

21 August 2014
Progress on transparency in the European Covered Bond market, ICMA report calls for further disclosure of cover pool data
To view the report, click here.

7 August 2014
Broad support for Green Bond Principles confirmed, as Initial Executive Committee is established

12 June 2014
Trade bodies join forces to promote EU Private Placement market

20 May 2014
Faster settlement for international securities - Migration to T+2 for cash transactions and to T+1 for repo transactions

14 April 2014
Green Bond Principles Governance Established. ICMA appointed Secretariat

3 April 2014
ICMA paper identifies the systemic risks of restricting collateral movement

5 March 2014
ICMA European Repo Council publishes best practice guide for the repo market

22 January 2014
Latest ICMA survey shows sharp decline in size of the European repo market
4 November 2013
International Capital Market Association (ICMA) opens Asia Pacific representative office in Hong Kong

18 September 2013
European repo market recovers as banks return to the market for funding

15 July 2013
European organisations aim to boost triparty repo settlement interoperability by 2015
see also: Speech by Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB at the signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding on Triparty Settlement Interoperability; associated ECB press release; and Pictures at the signing ceremony.

7 May 2013
The systemic importance of collateral and the role of the repo market - ICMA European Repo Council paper highlights the disruptive impact of the proposed FTT on the widespread use of collateral that underpins the modern financial system

10 April 2013
ICMA publishes 2013 legal opinions on global master repo agreement

8 April 2013
ICMA European Repo Council calls for exemption of repo transactions from FTT

11 March 2013
LTRO continues to weigh on European repo market
to view the survey, click here.

20 February 2013
ICMA publishes new legal documentation in support of Russian repo market
Russian version:
ICMA публикует новые документы для правовой поддержки рынка репо в России

14 February 2013
ICMA Executive Education expands management team

5 February 2013
Market gathers to hear how new government policy package will revitalise Japan’s economy
to view the presentations given at the Japan Securities Summit, click here.
7 November 2012
Collateral Initiatives Coordination Forum (CICF) calls for urgent focus on collateral fluidity
to view the White Paper, click here; and to view the collateral primer, click here.

6 November 2012
Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority (ESCA) and International Capital Market Association (ICMA) sign cooperation agreement

29 October 2012
Joint Associations Committee comments on European disclosure rules for retail investment products

to view the comments, click here.

4 October 2012
Associations launch wealth management charter of quality in Luxembourg
to view the charter, click here.

6 August 2012
European repo market side-lined by ECB LTROs
to view the survey, click here.

19 June 2012
EU-US Coalition on Financial Regulation Press release: Transatlantic Trade Associations Call for Urgent Re-Engagement on the Pre-Crisis Dialogue on Regulatory Recognition and Accreditation

4 April 2012

ICMA publishes 2012 legal opinions on master repo agreement for over 60 jurisdictions

20 March 2012
ICMA European Repo Council paper explores official concerns about ‘shadow banking’ and repo

1 March 2012
International Capital Market Association (ICMA) appoints new General Counsel

8 February 2012
New ICMA European Repo Council paper examines role of ‘haircuts’ in European repo market
to view the paper, click here.

18 January 2012
European repo market remains stable despite Eurozone difficulties, ICMA-ERC survey shows
to view the survey, click here.

19 December 2011
AFME, ICMA and ISDA Publish Paper Analyzing the Impact of European Sovereigns’ Collateral Policies
AFME, ICMA and ISDA paper: "The Impact of Derivative Collateral Policies of European Sovereigns and Resulting Basel III Capital Issues"

23 November 2011
ICMA welcomes invitation to comment on European Commission Paper on Stability Bonds

20 September 2011
AFME and ICMA announce new co-operation agreement

14 September 2011
ICMA-ERC survey indicates that European repo has adapted to new market conditions

14 September 2011
ICMA report highlights essential interplay between central bank and commercial bank money in securities settlement

Related report: “The interconnectivity of central and commercial bank money in the clearing and settlement of the European repo market”.

11 July 2011
ICMA announces 2011 Graduates

27 May 2011
Cyrus Ardalan appointed new chairman of ICMA

23 May 2011
Joint Associations Committee Releases Combined Principles for Retail Structured Products

16 May 2011
ICMA publishes 2011 Global Master Repurchase Agreement (GMRA) and associated legal opinions for over 60 jurisdictions

18 April 2011
ICMA announces 2011 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Graduates

14 April 2011
Investors launch transparency initiative for covered bonds

11 April 2011
ICMA AMTE Council releases new guidance on debt buybacks by government, government agency and supranational issuers

8 April 2011
ICMA announces 2011 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Graduates

15 March 2011
ICMA Announces new chairman of its Issuer Forum

10 March 2011
ICMA-ERC survey confirms long term recovery in European repo market activity to pre-crisis levels

28 February 2011
ANMI and ICMA sign agreement to co-operate on capital market development

23 February 2011
ICMA announces new Chairman and Committee for its Russia and CIS Region

14 February 2011
ICMA Executive Education appoints new head of business development

3 February 2011
ICMA responds to MiFID consultation

19 January 2011
John Serocold joins ICMA to lead its secondary market practice activities

24 November 2010
ICMA launches consultation paper to its members promoting greater transparency and improved disclosure and standards for sovereign bond issues

10 November 2010
The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) elevates Russia and the CIS states to form a new ICMA region

Russian version:

Международная Ассоциация участников рынков капитала (ICMA) повысила статус России и стран СНГ до нового региона ICMA

10 November 2010
The National Development and Reform Commission Training Center (NDRCTC) of China, the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and the ICMA Centre sign agreement to develop a new corporate finance qualification for the Chinese market

26 October 2010
International Capital Market Association announces new chairman for Nordic Region

6 October 2010
International Capital Market Association announces new chairman for ICMA Latin America chapter

21 September 2010
International Capital Market Association (ICMA) announces new regional head for Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Balkan States

15 September 2010
ICMA-ERC survey shows growth in European repo market has surpassed pre-crisis levels

here to see Richard Comotto speaking to Reuters Insider about the European Repo Market Survey Results

7 September 2010
International Capital Market Association (ICMA) strengthens regional organisation in France

Version franςaise:

L’International Capital Market Association (ICMA) renforce son organisation régionale en France

1 September 2010
New chairman for the UK Region of ICMA

21 July 2010
First ICMA Certificate course run in Cairo in partnership with the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI)

14 July 2010
ICMA announces 2010 Operations Certificate Programme (OCP) Graduates

13 July 2010
European Repo Market White Paper emphasises importance of repo and urges reform of market infrastructure

6 July 2010
ICMA and the ICMA Centre announce latest 2010 IFID Certificate graduates

6 July 2010
ICMA and ISLA partner on Global Master Agreements workshops

29 June 2010
New Chairman for ICMA’s France and Monaco Region

Version franςaise:

Nouveau président région France et Monaco á l'ICMA

22 June 2010
NAFMII and ICMA announce co-operation in the capital markets

7 June 2010
ICMA releases survey of corporate bond market

here to see Paul Richards speaking to Reuters Insider about ICMA's Corporate Bond Survey.

5 May 2010
ICMA partners with Dealogic to provide market data to ICMA members

18 March 2010
ICMA-ERC survey shows strong recovery in European repo market

21 December 2009
ICMA expands global membership

9 December 2009
ICMA announces November 2009 PMC Certificate Programme Graduates

8 December 2009
New ICMA Regional Head in the Middle East

20 November 2009
ICMA announces October 2009 IFID Certificate Programme Graduates

18 November 2009
New ICMA board members

27 October 2009
ICSA appoints René Karsenti as Chairman

16 October 2009
ICMA announces September 2009 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Programme Graduates

22 September 2009
Book ‘Clearing Services for Global Markets’ - the first comprehensive study of derivatives clearing market structure and costs - published today

7 September 2009
ICMA and Taiwan Securities Association sign Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cooperation in international markets

3 September 2009
Survey shows volumes in European repo market stabilising

17 July 2009
ICMA announces the release of the updated IFID Syllabus

5 June 2009
ICMA appoints new Chief Executive and President

29 May 2009
ICMA announces April 2009 IFID Certificate Programme Graduates

5 May 2009
ICMA announces 2009 Operations Certificate Programme Graduates

29 April 2009
Euroclear welcomes Xtrakter as acquisition closes

16 April 2009
New Partnership Programme for TRAX

9 April 2009
STP: Vital new paradigms for managing operational, counterparty and settlement risk conference

7 April 2009
ICMA Executive Education and CFA Institute Join Forces to Offer Fixed Income and Derivatives Programme

30 March 2009
ICMA announces first quarter 2009 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Programme Graduates

27 March 2009
ICMA and Hong Kong Treasury Markets Association move towards greater co-operation

25 March 2009
ICMA announces new group to represent investors in covered bonds

3 March 2009
ICMA and SIBA sign memorandum of understanding to develop closer co-operation in international capital markets

25 February 2009
Survey of European repo market reflects deleveraging by banks

25 February 2009
NYSE Euronext group captures 23.96% of equities in 2008

21 January 2009
New ICMA Representative in Brussels

12 January 2009
ICMA and AMTE announce combination of their activities from January 2009

*French version

9 January 2009
GBP beats USD in Q4 08 Fixed Income New Issuance

19 December 2008
ICMA’s European Repo Council welcomes acceptance of credit claims as financial collateral

11 December 2008
TRAX iMatch™ the next generation in trade matching

9 December 2008
Xtrakter launches XM2M™ - new mark to market valuation service

4 December 2008
ICMA announces November 2008 Primary Market Certificate (PMC) Programme Graduates

4 December 2008
TRAX® to provide regulatory reporting for exchange-traded derivatives

2 December 2008
Netting & pair off delivered with TRAX® v2.9

21 November 2008
ICMA announces October 2008 IFID Certificate Programme Graduates

20 November 2008
Euroclear to acquire Xtrakter from ICMA

6 November 2008

International Capital Market Association (ICMA) announces new senior appointment to regulatory policy team

28 October 2008

Firms shift execution venues during turbulent September

24 October 2008
ICMA announces three new courses in Financial Markets Operations

23 October 2008
ICMA Centre MSc graduates to be granted ICMA IFID upon degree completion

23 October 2008
ICMA announces September 2008 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Programme Graduates

17 October 2008
Fixed income issuance thrives during market turmoil

9 September 2008
Industry survey indicates that European repo market remains buoyant despite turbulent

29 July 2008
Top 10 venues of execution change in June 08

10 July 2008
Repo trading decreases by 22.3% in Q2 08

9 July 2008
Industry Associations Release “Structured Products: Principles for Managing Distributor-Individual Investor Relationship”

4 July 2008
ICMA announces June 2008 International Fixed Income and Derivatives (IFID) Certificate Programme Graduates

3 July 2008
Asset backed securities (ABS) new issuance increases by 158%

2 July 2008
Joint assocations' release: Industry takes further steps toward improving transparency

27 June 2008
ICMA announces June 2008 Primary Market Certificate (PMC) Programme Graduates

24 June 2008
Top 10 execution venues launched by Xtrakter

13 June 2008
ICMA announces Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Programme May 2008 Graduates for Thomson Reuters

11 June 2008
ICMA announces February 2008 Financial Markets Foundation Course (FMFC) Programme Graduates

15 May 2008
Members vote for disposal of Xtrakter, ICMA’s Market Services business including TRAX; ICMA members elect new Board line up; ICMA outlines practical steps for resolving global financial market dislocation

2 May 2008
ICMA announces April 2008 International Fixed Income and Derivatives (IFID) Certificate Programme Graduates

28 April 2008
ICMA publishes 2008 legal opinions on repo agreement for 68 jurisdictions

18 April 2008
ICMA announces 2008 Operations Certificate Programme Graduates

16 April 2008
Repo volumes increase by 31% for QI 2008

15 April 2008
ICMA launches skills training for capital markets

8 April 2008
FSSC recognises ICMA‘s Executive Education Programmes

4 April 2008
Asset Backed new issuance drops by 44.6%

1 April 2008
EU-US Coalition on Financial Regulation sets out its proposed framework for establishing a more efficient transatlantic marketplace

26 March 2008
ICMA adds five new member firms

13 March 2008
ICMA survey records resilience of the European repo market

10 March 2008
Fermín Cifuentes of Banesto appointed to ICMA Board

5 March 2008
Further Progress on the Development of the Russian Financial Market in line with Global Market Standards: ICMA and NSMA Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

4 March 2008
Bond volumes for January 08 now available at

25 February 2008
Richard Jinks joins Xtrakter as Director of Commercial Operations

14 February 2008
ICMA adds opinions for India and Iceland to jurisdictions for standard repo agreement

12 February 2008
Xtrakter slashes regulatory reporting fees by 35%

5 February 2008
Nylon Capital LLP adopts TRAX for repo matching with Barclays Capital

1 February 2008
Record breaking 2.3m repos processed by TRAX

23 January 2008
Japan promotes initiatives to strengthen competitiveness of its financial markets to overseas investors

22 January 2008
Credit crunch hits 2007 bond issues by 26.5%

21 January 2008
ICMA and JSDA sign Memorandum of Understanding to develop closer co-operation in securities markets

16 January 2008
ICMA Ltd changes name to Xtrakter


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