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International Fixed Income and Derivatives Certificate Programme (IFID)

(formerly known as the General Certificate Programme - GCP)


Attending the course will help you:

  • Develop practical skills for trading, investment and risk management
  • Be fully up-to-date with technical developments in the fixed income markets
  • Understand the relationships between the cash and the derivatives markets

Course background

The IFID has been established for over 40 years as the qualification for the fixed income market. It is a demanding, examined course aimed at developing a broad and in-depth knowledge of the key fixed income instruments, derivatives and markets. The course covers five main topic areas: Fixed Income Analysis, Rates Trading and Hedging, Structured Securities, Credit Analysis and Products and Portfolio & Risk Management.

The programme provides a good understanding of bonds, futures and other related derivatives from a trading perspective, as well as an overview of all asset classes, which portfolio managers have to understand when managing their portfolios and helps delegates to better understand the various areas of the business and made their work more efficient. Topics such as index linked bonds and ABS are also covered, which candidates tend to find less straightforward.

Who should attend?

The programme is primarily intended for those working in client or market facing positions in fixed income within a bank or fund management company, although it is becoming increasingly popular with middle office and operations managers who require greater product and market knowledge. The course is open to ICMA Members and non-members.

Delegates who have taken the course enrol for the programme in order to complete their knowledge about the fixed income markets to gain a better understanding of the financial markets and products. Throughout the course, there are many exercises which test and assess candidates’ knowledge, examining scenarios which will confront participants in their day-to-day business activities.

Programme Recognition

The IFID is included on the UK’s Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) qualifications list for ‘Advising on securities in the wholesale market place’ and ‘Advising on derivatives in the wholesale market place’.

IFID candidates also qualify for 30 credit hours under the guidelines of the CFA Institute Continuing Education Programme.  Existing CFA Charterholders, Members and candidates also qualify for the ICMA member discount. CFA Members and candidates who would like to take advantage of this reduced rate are required to email their CFA Charterholder, candidate or membership number to David Senior directly after registering.

ICMA, in association with the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) of Hong Kong, has announced that any holders of either the International Fixed Income and Derivatives (IFID) Certificate Programme or the Operations Certificate Programme (OCP) can apply to be a TMA Associate Member, provided that they have passed the examination on the Code of Conduct and Practice of the TMA (Elementary Level). The TMA ‘Associate Member’ status is part of the new Primary Qualification Framework (PQF), which was recently put in place in Hong Kong.
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